Pancho Ramrez

Director · Cinematographer · Photographer

on-camera narrator

Francisco Ramírez, also known in social media as Pancho Ramrez, is a filmmaker and photographer who’s passion for life began with travelling and living adventures through sports.

Venturing in extreme sports such as freestyle mtb, freeride-skiing and skydiving, inspired him to capture those emotions and experiences into film.

Or maybe he just wanted to show his guts to people.

The beauty of New Zealand, in 2019, drove him to start his journey as a creative.

Nowadays, situated in Switzerland, enchanted by The Alps and its cheeses, he is developing his career focused on the acquisition of extraordinary shots; in extreme sports, climate change, natural history and advertisement campaigns.All this in the audiovisual production agency B-Epic, a company co-founded with Aurélio Valentino.

Francisco has worked the past years in a myriad of projects, printing his remarkable view on storytelling, with foreigners costumers and diverse industries such as products, real property, sports figures, restaurants, etc.

One last thing, he was born in Chile, so you will certainly get all the Latin flavour from his work.

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Behind the scenes

pancho ramrez
Pancho Ramrez
pancho ramrez filming Mark Kelly
My experience

Professional life.

His passion for exploring and playing sport began at an early age, and has gradually developed into an ideal world for capturing beautiful and moving moments.

Sports such as freestyle biking, skydiving, surfing, rollerblading and freestyle skiing are recurring sources of inspiration that he tries to convey with his camera.

In 2019, his life changed direction after becoming acquainted with the beautiful land of New Zealand and the friendly people who live there. It was during this trip that he met his current partner and headed for the alpine lands of Switzerland to live.

Today, based in Switzerland and enchanted by the Alps, its cheeses, mountains and landscapes, he is developing his career by focusing on capturing extraordinary shots; in extreme sports, climate change, natural history, advertising campaigns and landscapes.

All this within the audiovisual production agency B-Epic, a company he co-founded with Aurélio Valentino.

In recent years, Pancho has worked on countless projects, imprinting his remarkable vision of storytelling, with foreign clients and diverse industries such as product development, real estate, sports personalities, restaurants, and so on.

Current activitie

B-Epic Agency

Audiovisual production and marketing agency.

2021 – Today


Antü Media

Marketing agency focusing on website creation and search engine optimisation.

2018 -2021


National School of Ski and Snowboard Instructors of Chile.

Ski instructor level 1& 2, Freestyle level 1.

2012 & 2015


Gabriela Mistral University

Executive engineering degree in business administration, finance and marketing, Chile.



Creativity and problem-solving will make your life easier during your shoot with Pancho. He constantly adapts to the challenges of the moment and always has the right attitude and a goal in mind to fully achieve the objectives set.

  • Ability to anticipate and solve problems
  • Organisational and planning skills
  • The ability to move freely in the high mountains
  • ability to dive and create content underwater

Other qualities

  • Advanced level of spoken, written and spoken English, Spanish and French.
  • Ability to work under pressure and build effective teams.
  • Proactive and dynamic, with leadership skills.

3 Years of video productions

  • + More than 100 projects completed.
  • + Over 5 countries visited for film shoots.
  • 99.7% customer satisfaction

external courses / diplomas

  • Padi – Advance Open water course.
  • American Avalanche Research and Education Institute – Level 1.
  • Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors – Level 2.
  • Chilean National School of Ski and Snowboard Instructors – Level 2.
  • USPA Skydiving Course, Licence A.

Behind the scenes

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pancho ramrez
pancho ramrez
pancho ramrez filming Mark Kelly

I work in all areas.

An overview of some of the clients he has worked with.

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