Pancho Ramrez

Director · Cinematographer · Photographer

on-camera narrator

Francisco Ramírez, also known in social media as Pancho Ramrez, is a filmmaker and photographer who’s passion for life began with travelling and living adventures through sports.

Venturing in extreme sports such as freestyle mtb, freeride-skiing and skydiving, inspired him to capture those emotions and experiences into film.

Or maybe he just wanted to show his guts to people.

The beauty of New Zealand, in 2019, drove him to start his journey as a creative.

Nowadays, situated in Switzerland, enchanted by The Alps and its cheeses, he is developing his career focused on the acquisition of extraordinary shots; in extreme sports, climate change, natural history and advertisement campaigns.All this in the audiovisual production agency B-Epic, a company co-founded with Aurélio Valentino.

Francisco has worked the past years in a myriad of projects, printing his remarkable view on storytelling, with foreigners costumers and diverse industries such as products, real property, sports figures, restaurants, etc.

One last thing, he was born in Chile, so you will certainly get all the Latin flavour from his work.

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